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Overdue corporate tax return?

At NRK Accounting, we count your troubles as ours and take pride in our relationship with you. Our experienced and knowledgeable tax experts provide reliable Corporate Tax services and help our clients with tax-saving strategies.

Bundle up your corporate tax return with our monthly bookkeeping, payroll, and HST filing package and receive your corporate tax return at no cost.

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Bookkeeping entails maintaining accurate records on account payment, receipts, and reconciliation services to manage your company's financial data. We provide assistance with everyday accounting activities such as monthly financial reporting, general ledger entries ,assistance with record payments, and tax preparation, among other services.

Income Tax Preparation

NRK Accounting is here to assist individuals and businesses in computing their income taxes by government regulations. Our qualified and professional accountants give income tax solutions. We serve a wide range of companies, including large, mid-level, and small sized organizations with our tax prep services.


Employees are an organization's most significant assets, and we can assist you in managing and calculating wages, taxes, and benefits, to be given to them. We're here to help you efficiently manage this component, which impacts staff morale and reflects your company's financial stability and reputation.

HST Returns

We can assist you by computing the portions of your sales tax collected that will be remitted to the Canada Revenue Agency on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. If you have recently purchased a newly constructed or substantially remodeled house from a builder, converted a non-residential property into a habitation, or made an exempt lease of land to another person, we can also assist you in filing for a property rebate.

Tax Audit Assistance

Tax Auditing involves the CRA examining a taxpayer's books and records to see whether they are fulfilling their tax obligations, complying with tax rules, and receiving the benefits and refunds they are entitled to. Our certified tax accountants have a lengthy and successful track record of defending clients (both business and personal) against CRA tax audits.


In contrast to legal company forms such as sole proprietorships and partnerships, incorporation creates a unique legal entity apart from its owners (shareholders). If you determine that forming a corporation is the right course of action for your company, we can assist you with every step of the procedure. Our numerous incorporation packages make starting a company in Canada a straightforward process.

Our Client Feedback

NRK Accounting takes care of both our companies financials and family’s personal taxes. They understand the manufacturing part of it as well as the logistics. Best choice we ever made!

Ken P

Amazing accounting and tax professionals for my physiotherapy clinic. Reasonably priced and very hard working. I would definitely recommend their services.

Maryam Nik

We use NRK accounting for our small business and we couldn’t be more satisfied with their services! Their respond time is super speedy & if you have any questions they are super helpful and informative. I truly believe they have my businesses best interest at heart! Thank you for you the amazing experience 🙂

VVS Boutique

They helped us register our start up. As we grew, we have been using their services and couldn’t be any happier. Great with tax planning and advice.

Bluffers Watercraft Rentals Ltd

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    Experience talks! Our 15 years of experience will enrich your operations.

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