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A tax audit is a nail-biting process. One day you may receive a mail from the officials stating that your tax has been selected for examination. To keep it simple, this means your tax return is being audited. Tax auditing could be a complete nightmare for many! These officials will visit for specific reasons, maybe you:

Our Tax Help Toronto services involve negotiating with the auditor on your behalf to restrict the scope of the audit itself. We assist you throughout the tax audit process so that the audit is finished promptly and you can go back to running your business, and living your life with minimum disruptions and worry.

As part of our Tax Help Toronto services, we specialize in assisting you in minimizing the risk of an audit by the Canada Revenue Agency.You can minimize your tax obligation and the possibility of review by consulting with our skilled, and experienced Tax Consultants in Toronto.

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A tax audit is a difficult proposition. However, with professional guidance and assistance, you can complete the procedure quickly and effectively, reducing the stress that may be involved. NRK Accounting’s experienced Tax Audit specialists have a proven track record of assisting clients in managing a tax audit and dealing with any tax issues that may emerge.

Managing and expanding a company brings with it a slew of accounting, tax, and regulatory problems that require the help of a committed, strategic financial partner. At NRK Accounting, we provide a wide range of tax, audit and accounting services. As experienced accountants, we interact with CRA tax auditors as your spokesperson throughout the audit. If you have one of our seasoned professional accountants on your side, the process will be considerably less stressful.


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Professional Accountants at NRK Accounting can examine your financial statements so that you can submit them to the government with confidence knowing that your books provide a fair picture of the organization’s financial position and performance throughout the audit period.

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During a corporate Tax Audit, the CRA carefully analyzes the books and records of small, and medium-sized companies to ensure that they meet their responsibilities, properly implement tax laws, and get any payments to which they are eligible. NRK Accounting recognizes that this is a difficult, irritating and time-consuming task. NRK Accounting is your top tax accountant firm for all your tax audit needs, thanks to our years of expertise in handling business and tax issues.

Our top Toronto taxcompany is your one-stop tax support center and we can help you both during, and after the income tax audit procedure. We can represent you during this procedure to guarantee that all necessary documentation is filed. If you disagree with the auditor’s evaluation, we may file an appeal on your behalf. We collaborate closely with you and the auditor to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

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