How to Inform CRA of An Address Change

It is common to change addresses, especially if you transfer from one city to another. If you don’t notify Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) about the changed address, they will continue to use the old mailing address. This confusion might make it challenging to get some documents or benefits on time. Therefore, be sure to provide the correct information about the changed address to the Canadian tax system. The organization will help address issues and change addresses with the Canadian office. Here is how you can notify CRA about a changed address.

Change Address with Canadian Tax Office

It is easy to change the address with the Canadian tax office, as it makes it possible for the authorities to have the correct mail address. First, start with logging into your CRA account service, which requires registration. On the menu, you will find an icon named  ‘change my address,’ and you will click on this button. Then give data about the new address, and you should be careful to get all the details right as it is possible to miss out on a few critical details when you change the address.

Again, you can call CRA directly with their official number, such as 1-800-959-8281. You will talk with a customer agent directly with the official number and clarify that you have changed an address. The customer care agent will take in your new information and feed it into the system’s data, thus successfully changing your address. They may ask you to double-check the information about the new address, and they will re-read the information you give them so that you countercheck, ensuring they fill in the correct address.

You may complete and submit the RC325 form, which notifies CRA Canada of an address change request. The form informs the authority about the need for a change, and you should indicate your current address and the one you would like to have. Consequently, you can sign a letter to CRA with essential identification documents such as the social insurance number (SIN), the new address, and the day you would move to the new address.

Changing Your Partner’s Mailing Address

The Canadian tax system allows you to change your common-law partner’s or spouse’s mailing address. You should provide their new information to CRA during the year, especially if they are moving in with you. You could submit the RC325 form or write a signed letter to CRA. However, you cannot change their mail address through NETFILE when filing your returns or theirs. Additionally, you can also change someone else’s address when you change yours by including their name, SIN, and signature when submitting the signed letter or RC325.

Changing Address with Revenue Quebec

You will use the same procedure for Revenue Quebec; you would sign into your account and click on a the-change-of-address button or write a letter and call Revenue Quebec through their official line.

Final Thoughts

It could be wise to inform the Canadian tax system when you change your mail address as it simplifies their work. It makes it possible to receive services and benefits on time, thus improving your experience with CRA.

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